Cold Spring Silver Springers
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  • Dave Hinkemeyer
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Nickname(s): Hink, Hinky

Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo. We were thinking it would be Underdog! Underdog is cunning & brave, and underestimated by his foes, but always wins in the end. Scooby wins in the end too...

Funny Baseball Story: An opposing manager agreed to play the Silver Springers ONLY if the Silvers agreed not to throw Hinky & his side arm arsenal (the opposing manager followed up with...Hinkemeyer will put my guys into a slump).

Fave Movie: Forrest Gump

Cool baseball stuff: Played and/or managed the Springers for 28 years. 86 Championship, and the Side Bar afterward (a little sketchy on the details, but Hink says it was great!)

First Win: 1982 in St Stephen

Claim to Fame: Struck out Jim Eisenreich. Jim was 0 - 7 off of Hink for two games...until the 9th inning of game two when he hit a home run!

Music: Boston, Foreigner, The Cars

Dave hopes to hang on long enough to play in a game with both his boys